Creative content writing informed by quality research.

SLO Life Magazine

To Your Health

Published every other month in SLO Life Magazine.

This 1,000-1,300 word article centers around health and wellness.

I aim to deliver a research-based informative article that provides readers new insight in an easy-to-read format.

Feast Freely. October/November 2020, pp. 76-80.

Focusing on the facts of how enjoying a holiday feast offers minimal health impact, despite what diet culture wants you to believe.

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Superfoods. August/September 2020, pp. 64-68.

Debunking the saga of superfoods as a symbol of health.

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The Art of Self-Care. June/July 2020, pp. 64-68

A deep dive into the psychological benefits of self-care and tips on how to begin.

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Elderberry Unwrapped. April/May 2020, pp. 76-80.

An investigative look at the latest superhero in natural wellness.

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Air Force Study Guides : For Optimal Success

Since 2018, I’ve worked with a small team to create comprehensive study guides to help Airmen study for promotion and upgrade testing with McMillan Study Guides.

Using source materials written and published by the Air Force, I write single answer, multiple choice and review note questions in adherence with a strict style guide. In this role, I’ve honed my expertise in writing with a variety of technical topics. A high level of attention to detail is required, in maintaining the vital information shared in the Air Force source materials and ensuring comprehensive coverage for Airmen using McMillan Study Guides products.

While I receive specific assignments, it is vital I work with my team to collaborate in creating the best possible product for the men and women who serve our country.

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Blog Writing

Edible Ink

Since 2019, Edible Ink has fused food and writing to create a dynamic catalogue of recipes, restaurant reviews and essays. Here is a sampling of posts written for Edible Ink.

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Finding a Hapy Home

The journey to find the perfect gyro leads me from Pasadena to New York to a bistro wine bar in Pismo Beach.

Meal Prep: How to Create a Menu

A basic guide for those new to meal prep on how to build a feasible menu you’ll want to eat!

Restaurant Review: Ember

Conversational and playful, this review delivers a critique of food and atmosphere is an innovative guide to eating at Ember restaurant.

Album Reviews

In 2014, I worked freelance for Violent Success, a music website. I wrote album reviews, live performance reviews and conducted band interviews.

Unfortunately, the website was sold and eventually shut down, as often happens in our ever-changing digital world.